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Frieze Fair

Frieze Fair is yet another art fair to explore digital this year, while announcing the Frieze Viewing Room it revealed a larger hybrid program of online and offline activity. According to the organisers “Frieze Week programming both throughout London and online to include Frieze Sculpture, LIVE, Frieze Talks and major museum shows across the city. As…

The avant-garde art of the 20th century

The avant-garde art of the 20th century has many admirers as well as strong opponents. When we want to have a break from the fine paintings of the Renaissance or historical battle scenes, we are looking for simple forms full of symbolism and remember names of Kandinsky and Malevich. Without any doubt these artists are…

KAWS – one of the most celebrated contemporary artists

KAWS is one of the most celebrated contemporary artists. Most of us have seen his funny toys with crosses replacing the eyes of the characters. These crosses have been the artist’s signature since 1996 when he was creating graffiti on the streets of New York. Being known for showcasing his art in unorthodox places, KAWS…

Oslo – One of our favourite cities

In spite of being notorious for its weather, Oslo is making an easy way into the list of favourite cities. It is truly one of the European capitals where love for innovation, art and environment is at the forefront of daily life. The district of Aker Brygge, which used to be a home of the…

Nordic fair CHART

While many institutions are starting to recognise historically underrepresented women artists, the leading Nordic fair CHART ( has taken a step further and is showcasing solely female artists in this year’s edition. The unique challenges coming from the current global health crisis have presented an opportunity for the old foundations to be shaken up. By…

Ai WeiWei spoke about the lock down

As part of the Soho House digital events, Ali Aslan has interviewed the artist and the activist Ai WeiWei who spoke about the lock down, the new normal and the upcoming documentary on Covid-19. When asked to give advice the artist suggested that “Now is the moment to re-think our activities and our past. The…

I am working for eternity – William Brui

William Brui is the artist who has been lookIng at the philosophical subject of the eternal relationship between humans and the universe from the very beginning of his creative journey that started in the 60’s. One can look at his works imagining own realities, discovering oneself and yet being present. From the early 60’s Brui…

Do you know that I don’t have any artworks that exist?

Large scale installations, wrapped landmarks, temporary structures. Art that was never permanent, that brought pleasure, joy, and environmental détournement. Christo started his work with his wife Jeanne-Claude in the 1960’s. Ever since the two artists brought people together in different parts of the globe to share experiences and to be in the moment. As the…

Makhmud Makhmudzade – the artist, designer, architect.

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