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Paris Arty-Show Act II

The PARIS ARTY-SHOW (Act II) gathered from 20 to 25 June 2019 a selection of contemporary artists in the Galerie Etienne Causans, 25 rue de Seine Paris 6.

Efisio Aznar, Adelaïde Andreu, Laurence Lipskind, Jean-Luc Paquignon, Arthur Pina de Alba, Agnès Rancier-Picard, Marios Varellas, Anna Varella, Tillandsia, presented their new works.

A vernissage each evening has brought together many buyers, collectors, enthusiasts and some figures of Parisian life such as Géraldine Beigbeder, HSH Prince Charles Henry of Lobkowics, Orlan, Sylvana Lorenz, Marie-Elisabeth de Gastines, Olivier de Champris, Natacha Toutain, Frederic de Granvilliers, Manuel Collas de la Roche, Patrice de Crepy, Guilhem and Nausica du Repaire, Anca Thomas, Gérard Chambre.

During the week of Fashion Week, the Parisian scene of contemporary art has shown its dynamism, in a Latin Quarter which reaffirms its historical importance by the opening of new galleries, second wind facing the neighborhoods of the Marais and the East Parisian.

In partnership with ART VESTA CONSULTING and DECORAT.

Representation of Cypriot artists Marios & Anna Varella.

Press contact: Michel Soyer

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