“Tales to Tell” by Marios and Anna Varella

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“Tales to Tell” by Marios and Anna Varella

The Laroche Castle for the first time is opening its doors to the ‘Tales to Tell’ exhibition by the Cypriot artists Marios and Anna Varella, which will be held at the premises of the hotel between August and September 2019.

The exhibition will commence on the 10th August and guests are invited to the cocktail reception in the evening, where at the beautiful surrounding of the French countryside, with accompaniment of live music, they can share an experience of unfolding the new artistic talents.

Marios and Anna Varella have graduated from the Stroganov Moscow State Academy and over the course of 20 years of their artistic careers have further developed as painters with a deeper understanding of their creative natures.

Both artists share their positive outlook on the world, their desire to see joy in the simplicity of everyday life as well as a sense of adventure. Much of their attention is paid to the nature of relationships between a man and a woman. Through their works both artists invite the viewer to the world that is filled with warmth, flirtation and love.

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